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Bradley D's The Cats Meow
Whelped February 24, 2014
Sire:Gloucan Divenci Bajoka
"Hoss" of
Dam: Bradleys The Long Run At Bo's
Owned by Dee Ross

Hyperuricosuria ( HUU ) CLEAR
N/N - No copies of hyperuricosuria mutation; dog is normal.

Odie has matured into a lovely dog.  He has great substance, movement, health and disposition.  Although he is not available for stud he has sired litters for our personal breeding program and we are more than impressed with his get.


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Gloucan Divenci Bajoka




Picasso's Finest Bajoka (CZR)



CH Golucan Cole-Belthazor Hungry

CH Luvipride Underpressure ICH World CH Merriveen Make My Day 01 ICH

Eng CH Esclusham Golden Chimes of Wencar

Merriveen Milady
Little One of Seventh Heaven Italy
CH Wencar Golden Chance INT CH Italy

CH Tizzy de I Bulls degi Orsi INT CH Italy

Alice-Baby De Golucan
World JR CH Crusheds Ice Crusher ICH
Merriveen Any Way
Blokhead Bulls Funky Beats
Anucka de Maragui SpainChesterfield Gigolo
Deira the Kí Man Bike

Jazzy Jade Bajoka

Begnamino Di Villa Eden CAC, R.CAIB Italy
CH Ocobo Pearly Boy INT CH Italy
Britishpride No Fear At My Style
Be My Lovely
Nobozz My Girl Spain
CH Britishpride The Charmer At Omego
Nobozz Phoebeís Girl
Vannesa Bohemia Strados
CH JCH Love Me Tender Of The Tivoli Bulls CH Belgium
Aberdaron Luc Of Kelloe
Dixieland V.H. Slaghek
Gina Glorie Bajoka CZR


Tuffnuts Onslow

Jozka Cisty Vzduch CZR
Rich Apricot Brandy

Rich Easy As Del

The Hopiís Prins Nazeem Ch Nobozz Del Boy
CH Britishpride The Charmer At Omego
Nobozz Phoebeís Girl
Medbull Little Cherub at Nobozz

Eng CH Balfour Action Man of LaRoyal J.W.

Hiising Lucki Lulu at Medbull
Wilsonís Lizzie Ch PoBoyís HossCH Millcoats Geronimo
CH Wilsonís Lil Hannah
Eveís Little Suziepoo
CH Poboys Iceman
Vincents All About Eve
Ms Audrey's Casey
CH Nobozz Rodney Trigger HOF Ch Britishpride The Charmer at Omego

 Outdoors Earl of Sabany

Britishpride Coco Chanel
Nobozz Phoebeís Girl
CH Lynmanís Living Legend Eng
Ch Nobozz Leticia Lamb Chops Spain
Good's Jenny Girl McCoy
CH Vincentís Real McCoy N.A.M.
CH Cherokee Otis
CH Vincentís Country Sunshine HOF
Goodyís Fergie SpotGood's Mitey Spot
Good's Rich Hi 'N' Mitey Muffin


 Bradleys The Long Run At Bo's

 Buffalos' Iron Rocking Horse

CH Empires Cleopatra

CH Beauties Amos

Melrods Dolly Pardon


CH Poboys Dandee

CH Poboys 'Lil Ella

Empires Maximus

CH Aguirre's Great Balls A Fire

 Bradleys Not So Skinny Miss Minnie
Kaylou's Scissors Paper Rock

CH Cherokee Legend Crazy Horse HOF

CH Empires Cleopatra

Bully Hills Ginger Snap

CH Flippins Scout HOF

CH Bully Hills Only Ohh La la

Rich Midnight Sonata
CH Little Ponds Easy Rider

CH Little Ponds Pale Rider

Picalo's Seaside Minuet

Mac Maggie Mae

As long as I live and as long as you care

Iíll do anything for you, Iíll go anywhere


Iíll bring you the sunshine, Iíll comfort your fears

Iíll gather up rainbows to chase all your tears


As long as forever my heart will be true

For as long as I live Iíll always love you


~~ unknown poet ~~

Sired By Odie
Out of Bradley's She's A Dandie At Holmes

The Bulldog Club of America, in keeping with itís stated goal of protecting and preserving the official standard, does not condone the breeding or promotion of colors that are not mentioned in the standard and / or that are described therein as Disqualifying



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