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Bradleys Hissy Fit At Holmes
Forever in our hearts

Sire:Gloucan Divenci Bajoka
Dam: Bradleys The Long Run At Bo's
Whelped: February 24, 2014
Hyperuricosuria ( HUU ) CLEAR
N/N - No copies of hyperuricosuria mutation; dog is normal.


They too, are created by the same loving hand of God which Created us...It is our duty to Protect Them and to promote their well-being.  Mother Teresa quote regarding animals.

The Bulldog Club of America, in keeping with its stated goal of protecting and preserving the official standard, does not condone the breeding or promotion of colors that are not mentioned in the standard and / or that are described therein as Disqualifying

I'm not a pig, I'm not a pug , my tail hasn't been docked. I didn't run into a wall or get hit in the face with a frying pan.I do not bite. That noise is how I breathe, I'm not growling at your child. I'm not so ugly I'm almost cute - and anyone who'd say that is so stupid they're almost smart. I'M A BULLDOG AND I'M PERFECT IN EVERY WAY!!
~Author Unknown~


Tizzie as a Baby

Tizzie's daughter sired by
Rich Melrod Bazinga "Buzz"
Buzz is owned by Dave Ricardson



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