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The Bulldog Club of America, in keeping with it’s stated goal of protecting and preserving the official standard, does not condone the breeding or promotion of colors that are not mentioned in the standard and / or that are described therein as Disqualifying



 I would like to be very clear that the content below is our opinion based on personal experiences.  Other websites have copied this information without having a clear knowledge of the health issues/opinions stated below and have done so without our permission.  Please make sure that when buying a puppy / dog from ANY breeder that you ask as many questions as you can, do as much research as possible and ask for proof of care!!!  We encourage you to get to know us because we will be in contact with you throughout the life of your puppy.  We have worked very very hard to educate ourselves about Bulldogs and are more than eager to share with you what we have learned and are still learning so please never hesitate to ask.


 The following documentation is my opinion.  Understand and accept that if you chose to bring a Bulldog into your life, you may have to deal with some issues.  We do all we can to guarantee that when a puppy leaves us it is healthy and happy.  If we do not believe it is, we will not let it go.  For every puppy we bring into this world, we are prepared to keep for whatever reason necessary, for it's entire life if we see fit.  Our dogs are healthy, happy, are correct representations of the AKC Bulldog standard and we intend to breed for the same reasons.  However there are things that we cannot control.  Some are genetic and some are common traits.  If there is EVER a genetic issue we will NOT reproduce those lines.  I hope that the following literature will clear up a few of the more common issues.


 Cherry Eye

 Probably the most normal and expected thing in Bulldogs are cherry eyes.  This is when the tear gland in the corner of the eye pops out.  It resembles a small cherry, hence the name.  In some cases they do go away and in more cases, you may need surgery to correct it.  It is relatively inexpensive in most cases and is a quick outpatient procedure, depending on your veterinarian.  It can happen very quickly and can happen to one or both eyes. 

 There are two common treatment options.  One is to tack the gland back with stitches.  The other is to remove most of the gland.  Again, your veterinarian will recommend one or the other depending on their preference.  Medically speaking they both have pros and cons.   If I ever come across this I will not tack it - it will be removed.  It is important to understand that this is not the only area of the eye that produces tears.  Part of the gland is left behind and may very well make tears.  Some dogs, even with both tear glands will get dry eyes, so partially removing one or both may not have that effect.  If your puppy gets a cherry eye here I will have it removed at my expense.  Once the puppy leaves here it will become your financial responsibility but also your obligation to correct as it does effect the well being of the dog and can result in further health issues if left untreated.  It is possible that the puppy can leave here without one and on the plane or car ride home one pop out.



 This is when the eyelids roll in or out.  Ectropion is when the eyelids roll out.  Entropion is where they roll in and they rub against the eyeball causing irritation.  Surgery can correct it and it is a relatively simple out patient surgery with normal post op care.  It is VERY urgent and important that the surgery be performed to salvage the eye sight and to eliminate pain and discomfort for the dog.  The results are generally favorable on the first surgery but depending on the severity more than one surgery may be required.  The more wrinkled your Bulldog is the higher the chance that they will be affected. 


 Dogs pant to cool themselves.  Bulldogs have a decreased capability of doing this – they are known as brachycephalic .  Elongated soft palates are common to the breed.  A normal palate size can have trouble fitting into the tiny space available for Bulldogs.  In addition many of them have very small trachea's.  This all contributes to overheating in a very short time.  Some have “pinched nostrils which would further complicate breathing.  Making sure the dam/sire and offspring are “good breathers” is crucial to the health and quality of life for a Bulldog.  Be prepared to protect your Bulldog from the heat and cold at all times.  They also snort, snore, reverse sneeze, again it’s often due to the shape of the head but anytime your Bulldog displays behaviors not typical to them, take proper consideration and possibly contacting your vet is in order.  Because of the very short nasal passages Bulldog puppies are susceptible to respiratory infections.  Kennel Cough being one of them, which has nothing to do with a Kennel but is very contagious.  Your puppy will not leave here with a respiratory infection or kennel cough.  If your puppy develops any of the aforementioned symptoms get to your vet ASAP!!


 There are many folds and pockets on English Bulldogs.  They MUST be kept clean to prevent infections.  One suggestion is baby wipes, NOT disinfecting wipes.  It is very important to completely dry the area after cleaned.  I have bathed my dogs and not gotten their tails quite dry and it turns into a skin infection very quickly - if it becomes red and foul smelling we suggest seeing a veterinarian.  Making your wrinkle cleaning a part of your Bulldogs daily routine will eliminate most if not all of the accidental/over looked problem areas. 



 There are many causes for allergies in all breeds including Bulldogs. They can be from food, pollen, grass, dust mites and even your home just to name a few.  I am very big on feeding quality food.  A lot of times allergy problems are caused by too much corn, wheat, grain or chicken.  It is best to try and feed your dog a food that has meat listed as the first ingredient, not just a meat by-product, grain free and single protein sourced.  I have had very good luck with some foods over others and would be happy to recommend what I have experience with.



 There are two types that are common in puppies.  An umbilical (an outy belly button) and inguinal or groin.  They can be due to many things.  Even a bitch tugging on the umbilical cord shortly after birth can pop them out.  The small inguinal usually go away and cause no issues to the dog.  If we find a hernia at the vet check and my vet thinks it requires repair it will be fixed at my expense unless otherwise noted prior to the puppy leaving our home.  If my vet thinks that it is not causing the dog any issues and it needs repaired at the time of spay or neuter then it will be the responsibility of the owner.  As long as the intestines are not present in the hernia (which would mean it was a very big one) it is not worrisome.



 Two types, Sarcoptic (when people get this we call it scabies) and Demodectic.  Sarcoptic is pretty rare in well cared for animals.  Demo is also called red or puppy mange.  There are two kinds of Demo, localized (several spots), and generalized (affecting most of the dog).  There are two schools of thought.  Some people think that if a puppy comes up with this, they should be spayed or neutered along with every dog related, I strongly disagree.  ALL DOGS, EVERY ONE OF THEM HAS MITES ON IT"S SKIN.  Yes even your dog.  Your dog's immune system lives with it in harmony and keeps the number down.  Localized can be brought on by several things such as stress, puberty, environmental issues and so on.  A puppy has an incomplete immune system.  When your puppy is stressed the immune system falters and those mites breed and then it becomes obvious to you that something is wrong. Localized demo will often cure itself although I do recommend an oral medication to help it along.  Generalized is another issue.  It is not the mange that is truly the issue, it is the dog's immune system.  It is my opinion that a dog with Generalized Demo not be bred.


 Loose Hips/Knees


 Many breeds have a degree of looseness in both the hips and knees.  Bulldogs are more prone to it because of the way they are put together.  I do believe that keeping your puppy at the appropriate weight during it's growing periods helps.  Also it is not good to let your puppy jump from high places as this can cause problems later in life that could have easily been avoided.  You can get dysplastic pups out of parents who rated Excellent on their OFA because the test only means that the parents are not affected. 



 Many people underestimate the damage stress causes.  When your puppy comes home it will be very stressed.  No matter what we do as breeders and no matter how loving and caring the new home is they will be stressed.  They are going through a very scary time in their life and need your help getting through it.  I do not recommend taking your puppy visiting until they are at least 6 months old.  I know it is hard not to show off the cutest puppy in the world but try, it is better in the long run.  There are millions of germs and bacteria everywhere and again, when your puppy is stressed it's immune system falters causing it to be more susceptible to "catching" something. 



 Our Guarantee

 We would like to start off by congratulating you on your new addition.  By sending us a deposit or paying for a puppy in full you are agreeing that you have read the Health page and do not dispute it.  We cover life threatening issues.  The puppy must be examined by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of receiving him/her and I must be notified of the results, good or bad within 10 days.  If for some reason the results are bad the puppy must be returned to me within 5 days of the negative report at the buyers expense and the replacement/refund process will begin.  If the results are good I do not need a report from your vet just give us a call, send us an email or mail me a note letting me know how it went.  Failure to do so will void any and all guarantees.  If at any time the buyer conditions are not fully met it will void any guarantees.


 Buyer agrees to the following:


*You will provide routine preventative care such as annual exams by your veterinarian, de-worming and heart worm preventative administered, vaccinated on time, proper housing and nutrition (no tethering or exposure to extreme weather for extended periods of time).  Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs during the entire ownership.


 ALL puppies MUST complete a minimum of two (2) training classes (puppy class/basic obedience/socialization etc with a licensed training facility using positive reinforcement prior to the puppy reaching 12 months of age (from birth) unless otherwise noted.  Failure to do so could result in forfeiture of said puppy.  Proper manners, socialization and bonding are crucial to the healthy development of your puppy.  We want you to have every opportunity to better your relationship with your new puppy.


We as the breeder guarantee your puppy to be in good health and free from any congenital/genetic disease which adversely affects the health of the animal for 6 months.


 This does not cover issues discussed in the Health section.  All issues covered in the guarantee are by replacement only.  If Bradleys Bulldog Barn decides to "buy back" the puppy at an agreed upon amount, not necessarily the full purchase price, it will be on a per case basis and determined only by us but will be agreed upon mutually in writing.  We are not responsible for any medical expenses incurred.  You fully understand that owning a dog required trips to the vet and medical bills.  We guarantee that when you receive your puppy it will be current on vaccinations, de-wormer, micro-chipped if applicable and either started or a plan in place for heart worm preventative.  If a puppy is returned to us for whatever reason, it must be in good health other than the specified cause for return.  Any physical problem which is or could be caused by accident or injury, neglect or poor diet is not covered in this guarantee.  I cannot guarantee that the puppy purchased will be a breeder or show dog.  I can only guarantee that the puppy shows potential to be shown or bred - on a per case basis.  No replacement puppy will be given if the dog is euthanized without my permission.  You agree that you are never to slander our name for any reason - in person/social media/advertisements/productions etc. as we will do everything possible to ensure you are happy with your purchase. 


 If ever you acquire a puppy or adult from one of our breeding’s, acquire a puppy or adult from us no matter the age or lineage, and by acquire we mean weather your purchase, trade, promise, adopt, or by any means come to possess, co-own or the like,  one of our Bulldogs,  if you are given what some refer to as “full rights” , “breeding rights”, or your puppy/adult is given/sold with an AKC registration that is NOT limited, this puppy/dog is NOT to be used for breeding outside the AKC written standard.  If we are trusting you with one of our Bulldogs, further more trusting you to reproduce using said animal, you will have to agree to and strictly adhere to the AKC written standard, NOT the AKC alternate or any other standard, breed, or registry unless otherwise stated and mutually agreed upon.  We are fully aware, that even with the most sound and ethical breeding practices in place, there are genetically defected puppies that will be born with alternate color of coat, eyes, pigment etc – these puppies, should they be produced, must be brought to our attention and spayed/neutered at the earliest possible time in which it is safe for the puppy/dog to have surgery.  Should you produce anything other than what is written in the AKC standard and not adhere to the above, we will begin actively pursuing the return of the producing Bulldog as well as all the offspring so they may be spayed, neutered and adopted out at the appropriate time.  You are agreeing that you have read the standard and understand the difference between “standard” and “alternate”.  You are agreeing to the immediate return of the acquired Bulldog (s) including their offspring, no money will change hands, you will forfit any breeding costs, purchase costs etc and all prior agreements become null and void with regards to the Bulldog and their offspring.    It is very simple – if you intentionally reproduce anything other than The AKC English Bulldog standard, if you accidentally reproduce an alternate and do not responsibly alter the animal to prevent further reproductions we will actively pursue their return immediately.  We hope you can understand that these measures are taken in an effort to preserve the Bulldog breed and help eliminate the breeding of genetically defected or “fad” colors/sizes which do not represent the standard.  The goal should you acquire a Bulldog from us for breeding purposes, is that they will produce as close to the AKC written standard as possible, including temperament, health, size and conformation, as well as color.  By researching pedigrees and the offspring from those on your pedigree, you will gain the knowledge of what they typically produce and what they are capable of producing.  As with anything, including Mother Nature, we cannot prevent some things from happening, if an alternate is produced, the most responsible and ethical thing you can do for not only that Bulldog but for the breed as a whole, is to spay/neuter and not repeat that breeding as there is a chance it will happen again.  Until the standard is re-written to accommodate these alternate’s the aforementioned is our requirement and by signing you are agreeing to it.




This contract is null and void if the terms are not met which includes registration papers due if any for the puppy.  By not returning our signed contract, buyer gives up any right to compensation from the seller, ever.  By not returning our signed contract buyer is agreeing to purchase the puppy AS IS with no guarantee or warranty.  Contract must be signed and in place within 48 hours prior to the shipping or pickup to be valid.  We are in good standing with the AKC and have no reports of misconduct or complaints.  Buyer understands that this contract is the only guarantee set forth.  Buyer also understands and agrees that place of venue and jurisdiction is Sedgwick County KS.  Should buyer choose to pursue matters in a court of law, seller reserves the right to request reasonable attorney fees from the buyer.




Above all you guarantee to provide a loving home to this wonderful puppy.  You understand that your life has just changed for the better and you should expect to laugh on a daily basis.  Get ready for everyone to want to pet your puppy because it is the cutest baby in the world.  You must enjoy wet sloppy kisses first thing in the morning as seen fit by your Bully.  You are going to have the time of your life!






Alisha Bradley (seller)___________________________________




Buyer (s)____________________________________________












Phone/contact info______________________________________________________




Current Veterinarian____________________________________________________
















When applicable, my signature here____________________________________ along with your original LIMITED AKC registration indicate that the above mentioned puppy is on a SPAY / NEUTER agreement.  If we do not have a spay / neuter agreement and your puppy was sold with FULL registration my signature above will not be present.  If said puppy is sold with limited registration it is forbidden that he / she be used for breeding purposes and proof of spay / neuter shall be provided to me upon request once puppy is of proper age if not spayed / neutered prior to leaving my home


Please review the following to understand why it is so important for your new pet to remain in our care until at the very least 8 weeks of age. 


State Laws

The legality of selling a puppy younger than 8 weeks old depends on breeder's state or city laws. Even in areas where it is legal, buying or selling a puppy before he has reached the 8-week mark is generally not a good idea for a wide range of reasons.  In KS there is an 8 week law and we strictly adhere to it – no exceptions and typically will not let them leave before  10-12 weeks plus to ensure a wide range of health and developmental securities.  Please refer to K.A.R. 9-25-12 where it states “Unless the puppy is 8 weeks old AND weaned.  "Weaned" means that an animal has become accustomed to taking solid food and has done so, without nursing, for a period of at least five days.”

Sixteen states require that puppies be at least 8 weeks old before being sold, and one, Virginia, requires that puppies for sale be at least 7 weeks old. Some states mandate that a puppy be fully weaned before being sold, which may occur later than 8 weeks for some pups. The specific laws also vary in who is affected, with some states issuing a blanket prohibition and others focusing their laws on breeders or kennels but exempting individual pet owners or cases of no-cost adoptions. In most cases, the punishment for breaking the law is a small fine or short jail term.

 Weaning Process

 One major reason for preventing the sale of puppies under 8 weeks old is that this is around the age when a puppy is fully weaned. Separating a puppy from its mother before weaning is concluded can make the puppy more prone to illness and long-term health problems. Weaning typically begins at around 3 to 5 weeks old and takes a few weeks to complete. Toy breeds may take longer to wean, so they may need to stay with their mothers for up to 10 to 12 weeks.


 A puppy who is removed from his mother and siblings before he reaches 8 to 12 weeks of age may not be properly socialized yet. Some behaviors, such as refraining from biting, cannot be properly taught by humans, so a puppy must learn them from his mother and littermates. Puppies separated from their mothers and other puppies too early may have poor physical coordination and social skills. Young puppies are learning the essentials of how to act around others, and the rules are reinforced by their mothers. Pups that are sold too soon often don’t know how to behave around people or other dogs, and they may become either very timid or quite aggressive, both of which can be serious problems.


 Puppies who are abandoned or turned in to animal shelters when they are younger than 8 weeks old are typically exempt from laws that restrict the age at which a puppy can be adopted. If you find or adopt a newborn or very young puppy, you will have to bottle feed him with a puppy milk replacer and must provide a temperature-regulated sleeping area until he is able to regulate his own body temperature. Socialization with other dogs and humans is also important during early puppyhood. Work closely with a vet to give your adopted orphan proper care.

 Puppy Mills

 Puppy mills are dog breeding operations that continually breed dogs and produce puppies on a large scale. Such operations often do not care about the welfare of the dogs and historically have sold very young puppies, often as young as five weeks, as a means of reducing the costs and labor involved in raising litters. By restricting the sale of puppies to those that are at least eight weeks old, the practice of separating young puppies from their mothers and littermates before they are ready is curtailed.



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